Bluetooth Wearable
Baby Thermometer
Accurate, reliable and comfortable, this baby thermometer
is designed to measure temperature levels around the clock
without causing your baby discomfort, giving you peace of mind.

 Gentle and Easy to Use

The armband thermometer is to be attached around the upper arm, and so the temperature sensor is positioned under the armpit. Made from polyester fiber to reduce the chances of skin irritations, the band is comfortable to wear and has an adjustable velcro strap to fit upper arms between 4.7″ to 7.8″ in girth. The monitor has a simple on-off switch and an easy to read display.

Stay Calm, Be Alerted

The MobileHealth Monitor sends a reading every 90 seconds to your smart device. In addition, it will notify you anytime your child’s temperature exceeds a certain target. You can now sleep more comfortably knowing that you will be alerted if your child’s fever worsens overnight.

A Product You Can Rely On

Real time results, never miss out a second when your baby’s having a fever. The MobileHealth baby thermometer helps you take quicker actions and take better care of your baby.

App features

  • Display readings in °C or °F
  • Set a temperature Target Range to receive alerts when target range is exceeded
  • Monitor temperature trends in an intuitive graph
  • Add in notes such as diagnosis, medication or event
  • Export data and email to physician or other family members


Power Source3V CR2032 Lithium battery
Battery Life200 hours
Accuracy+/-0.1°F between 95°F to 100.4° & +/-0.2°F between 100.4°F to 113°F
Bluetooth RangeUp to 32ft (Not recommended for use while in separate rooms)